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PAYPAL no refundable fees

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Again we return to PAYPAL, because apparently many people are ignoring a SERIOUS paypal rule.

As of 5 March 2020 (not since yesterday, for a good TWO and a half years ...) commissions for Paypal transactions are no longer reimbursed to the seller in the event of a payment reversal.

In fact, in the case of returning an item or cancelling an order already paid for with Paypal, the commissions remain with the merchant, and are not refunded to him by Paypal.

If, for example, for an object the seller collects a Paypal payment of 100€ (100€, including 4€ commission), in the reversal (chargeback) for return the 4€ remains the seller's responsibility. The merchant therefore bears a cost even if the transaction did not actually take place, or is deliberately cancelled by the buyer.

Out of a few tens of thousands of WRONG transactions, you can well understand the resulting cost: this paypal rule actually results in a very important cost component for sellers at the end of the year.

For this reason, we have applied major RESTRICTIONS in ALL non-EU countries, thus forcing those who wish to pay with paypal to contact us before confirming an order payment, which is then often cancelled for various reasons (error, change of mind, or for shipping costs that are not accepted, even though the order procedure clearly states to ASK in advance for the specific quote for the order and destination of the goods).