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1961-2021 Armofer 60th year anniversary

1961-2021 Armofer 60th year anniversary

The Cinerari brothers began their activity in the building construction sector in the 50s, continuing Pietro's father's activity (Francesco Cinerari had a scrap metal warehouse in Siziano); Luigi worked as a "pontatore" (an activity in which he became very skilled), and Angela Cinerari supported the activities of both brothers.

From the end of the 50s and from the experience of the post-war reconstruction activity, a solid awareness of the emerging professional segment of demolition matures in them. So in 1961 the three Cinerari brothers were ready to register a new company in Pavia, destined to specialize in demolition services, with great attention to safety. The company would be called Armofer, from "iron reinforcements" what mainly, according to Luigi Cinerari's experience, could guarantee the safety of operators working manually on high scaffolding.

Demolition machines would only arrive from the 1960s onwards and would very gradually replace manual work. Luigi Cinerari also worked personally on the scaffolding he built and was well aware of the importance of safety.

Thus began the great adventure of the Cinerari family, made of passion and dedication to work, qualities that soon led the company to grow and be known and appreciated in Pavia, Milan and, already in the 1960s, throughout Italy. The growth continues yard after yard, job after job and passing the baton from one generation to the next, with the passion and values of all time, up to build a company that today is among the first in Italy in the industry, certainly the only one that can boast 60 years of history and know-how.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary with style, it was decided to create a collector's miniature of the company's flagship excavator: the Liebherr R960 demolition. A project rich of optionals in limited and numbered edition, coordinated with the corporate image and signed by

The miniature can be preordered to this link, and is expected for end of september 2021