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PROMO of 12feb 2019

12/02/2019 09:01

The PROMO is valid from 10 to 17 of today on ALL GOODS READY for DELIVERY at list price of the brands: WSImodels, Tekno, Conrad and NZG.

Excluded are articles

- on sale

- already discounted

- on preorder

The method of payment is BANK TRANSFER within 3 days of our confirmation of the amount after checking that the order is valid.

All other orders, received with discount code, but that contravene the regulation will be canceled and refunded office if paid by credit card or paypal.


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a garanzia delle migliori condizioni di acquisto, mette a disposizione questo modulo di segnalazione prezzo, qualora fossero presenti prezzi inferiori su un altro sito in Italia.

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